About Gato Diablo

Gato Diablo Specialty Coffee Roasters was started in 2018 by Lynn and Dan Miller. We embarked on this venture as a result of a life-long search for really good coffee and several trips to Costa Rica, where we saw first-hand where good coffee grows. As avid birders, we were very impressed by the differences between sun-grown coffee plantations and coffee plantations that emphasize environmentally-sustainable practices especially as it relates to indigenous wildlife and migratory birds. Our goal is to offer great tasting coffee that is environmentally friendly, in particular coffees grown by farms that are certified by the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center as Bird Friendly® and certified by the Rainforest Alliance.

Our name, which translates from the Spanish to “devil cat,” and Mayan-influenced logo is an homage to the jaguar, an endangered and elusive top predator of Central and South America. It also reflects our own pet cats, which are without doubt quite devilish in their own right.

Inside Gato Diablo

Take a quick peek inside the Gato Diablo Roastery in this video put together by our friends at Glass Goat. Visit them at https://www.glassgoat.com.